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Far west residents urged to speak up about suicide and murder in the aftermath of deadly Paris attacks

The former mayor of Paris was arrested on Saturday as part of Operation Barkhane, the police operation which shut down extremist cells in the Paris region.

An estimated 200 people have been killed and hundreds injured following attacks on November 13, with police also hunting an alleged ringleader.

Gouvernment has been conducting raids in several mosques across the city of Paris and says it has dismantled several terror cells.

The operation is being carried out in coordination with the regional police and state prosecutor’s office.

The group has been carrying out many similar raids across France, targeting suspected fighters, bomb-makers and other suspected terrorists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Last week, a video emerged showing a jihadist executing hostages in a Paris suburb, claiming his attack would lead to ‚world war 3‘.

Mourners at a memorial for the victims of November 13 attacks in Paris

Last year a young man who shouted ‚Allahu akbar‘ („God is great“ in Arabic) while on a motorbike was shot dead by police in the French capital

The latest operation also saw authorities raid one of the most radical Islamic enclaves in France, a district in the heart of the capital known as the Ritz-Carlton, where militants were reported to hold up to 15 women in what security sources described as a’shocking attack‘.

Several other areas were also raided as part of the Paris operation which involved around 60 police and troops.

Police arrested several suspected members of the radical group, including one who was said to have travelled to Afghanistan.

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said around 30 suspected terrorists have been arrested across the country and at least 300 were arrested on Friday alone.

Police officers on Friday (left) and Saturday (right) in front of the Le Petit Cambodge in Paris

Terror attacks by armed attackers have claimed the lives of 129 people in France on Thursday, and nearly 180 more have died in terror attacks so far this year.

Earlier this month, a lone gunman, with an assault rifle and explosives strapped to his chest, opened fire in an Paris subway and killed 130 people in an attack on the Saint-Denis metro station.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, while French officials believe the attacker may have been radicalised as an IS fighter by a Belgian extremist.

Indigenous leaders threaten court action over land use plan

The Supreme Court, which hears cases about historic and cultural properties that have long been held by Indigenous people in First Nations communities, has warned the government not to interfere in court cases of historic land holdings, a day before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds talks with First Nations leaders in Regina.

Trudeau will attend the opening of the convention of the Americas in Panama City on Friday. The prime minister will also meet aboriginal leaders and members of Parliament in the capital, Ottawa.

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„We expect the court proceedings that are in front of the court in the coming days to be quite different from those at the court in Regina. We believe that it will be a decision where these are not about the rights of the individual indigenous people, they are a decision of Parliament that will affect every single one of them,“ said Michael Geist, the chief justice.

The federal government has been in the courts since 2012 to stop a planned pipeline from the Alberta oilsands to tidewater in Kitimat. It was the latest case to target Indigenous people’s rights and interests.

Canada’s justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, promised to „defend the rights of our communities and the constitutional rights of all Canadians“ in the wake of a similar court challenge, but she promised more consultations with First Nations.

„We are committed to fully engaging with First Nations to ensure that First Nations have access to meaningful and effective solutions for their concerns under the law and to provide them with the resources to address them,“ she said in a statement.

Trudeau and other aboriginal leaders were expected to hold a joint press conference with Premier Christy Clark after the prime minister’s arrival in Regina on Thursday to „take stock“ of what his new government has learned from the 2014 Supreme Court ruling in the Kelowna case.

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